STRINGER PALLETS = Stringers are used to support the load and are encompassed by top and bottom deck boards. Stringer pallet specifications are first noted by the length of the stringers and noted second by the length of the deck boards. The most common size stringer pallet measures 48” x 40” and is also commonly referred to as a GMA pallet, or standard grocery store pallet. This is a standard created by the Grocery Manufacturer Association (GMA), and these hardwood stringer pallets are used widely for a variety of consumer products.


Block pallets are genuine 4-way entry pallets, with blocks being utilized to support the unit load. The number of blocks varies, but the typical number ranges between 4 and 12. Block pallet specifications are first noted by the length of the block stringer and noted second by the length of the deck boards. A standard style block pallet is a traditional 9 Block pallet designed for 4-way entry. However, there are many other styles of block pallets that are highly customized for specific needs, specifications, and uses.


Panel Deck pallets are from the traditional stringer or block pallet family, but with an entirely different deck configuration. Just like they sound, Panel Deck pallets are constructed with a solid panel covering the top to create a “deck.” The type of deck material and deck thickness can vary depending upon the desired uses and applications. Typically, are made of Plywood.


When creating a custom pallet for your application, we take the 5 factors of strength, stiffness, durability, functionality, and purchase price into consideration to arrive at the most efficient, and economical pallet or wood skid design. This design is then carried through a stringent manufacturing process to produce high-quality and superior results.



When the product you need to ship requires partial or full protection, a well-built custom wooden crate is the solution to your packaging needs.
A leading wood crate manufacturer for over 16 years, Al Hattab Factory can design and build wooden crates for any use, in any industry or environment.
When it comes to the design and building of quality wooden crates you must take the following factors into account:
Shipping location
Each of these factors plays a significant role in the design of the crate and can be customized to provide you the exact crate with distinct specifications for your shipping and packaging needs. Does your product require the use of heavy-duty crates with lids for full protection, or simply a large wooden shipping crate that offers partial protection? When it comes to custom shipping cartons, let us work with you to find the perfect crate design for your needs.


Al Hattab factory manufactures custom-built wooden boxes for packaging and handling. In addition to customized sizes, treatments, and grades of the wood used, Al Hattab factory can manufacture boxes and crates from softwood, plywood, or MDF.
Al Hattab Factory commonly produced boxes are categorized into four groups: A) 2-way entry open-air box. B)2-way entry closed-air box. C)4-way entry open-air box. D) 4-way entry closed-air box.


Often the wood supplies that are stocked in our warehouse can be a lot wider than the width of timber needed for the project you are undertaking. In some circumstances, the timber can be double, treble, or even quadruple the width of the wood required. If you are looking for wood cut to size, then Al Hattab Factory has got you covered.
Whatever your requirements are, we can cut the timber down to width for you as an additional service to save you considerable time and effort as well as take away the problem of dealing with excess waste. We cut to width hardwood and softwood to the specifications needed, or for a margin of security – we’ll leave it a little bit over. We have professional cutting equipment and trained staff which means you don’t have to worry about the quality and precision of the cutting.
Here are just some of the benefits of cut to width Timber:
• Made bespoke for you
• Cut to your required width
• Convenience
• Optional extras
As a company, we do not always crosscut the timber down when machining it, due to handling restrictions, time, cost, and many other factors. However, on request, any of the timber we have in stock can be sawn to the exact width needed or even a little bit over the required width, for a safe margin to play with.
If this service is requested, all we ask is that you inform us prior to sale, so we can calculate an accurate cost for timber cross-cutting. We’ll deliver the wood cleanly cut to exactly the right dimensions, leaving you with one less job to think about after receiving the order.


We produce high-quality wooden cable drums that are used in a wide variety of industrial sectors. Wherever goods such as cables, ropes, wires, and pipes are used, our wooden drums set new standards.
You have the choice between numerous options: Flange diameters from 400 mm to max. 2500 mm, reusable or disposable drums or individual customer requests – we always have the optimum solution.